Harry Potter, Twilight, and others: Harmless fun or dabbling in the occult? (Part I)


Millions of people love to watch movies and read books such as Harry Potter, Twilight, and others. Many see it as harmless fun and a way to use their imagination.  Others believe that these types of books and movies introduce children to the world of the occult.  So what is the real story?  Let’s begin by finding out what the word occult means.

What is the occult?

The term occult means “hidden” things or teachings that are “unknown” or secret. This knowledge is supposedly received by some supernatural involvement or connection gained beyond the five senses.  It includes sorcery (magick), divination (gaining knowledge through supernatural methods such as astrology, channeling, psychic powers, palm reading), and spirit contact.

Harry Potter’s Origin

For J. K. Rowling, the author of the Harry Potter series, it all started on a train. It was 1990, and she was traveling from Manchester to London.  “The character of Harry just strolled into my head…I really did feel he was someone who walked up and introduced himself in my mind’s eye.  I was staring out the window and the idea for Harry just came. He appeared in my mind’s eye, very fully formed.” (Reuters, “Harry Potter ‘Strolled into My Head’”, July 17, 2000, accessed October 24, 2014).

Could Rowling be referring to the all-seeing eye of the illuminati representing the eye of Lucifer?  Refer to:  (“Why is the Illuminati All-Seeing Eye of Horus Suddenly Everywhere You Turn”?, NTEB News Desk, May 30, 2014, accessed October 24, http://www.nowtheendbegins.com/blog/?p=22324)

Harry Potter’s Name

J.K. Rowling was a graduate of Exeter University in England.  So she is very familiar with occultic practices, using elements and philosophies behind “pagan religions, celtic religions, the religions of the druids, witchcraft, and Satanism.  She also knows all about H. P. Blavatsky (the founder of an occult society and movement called Theosophy and a Luciferian, magician, and Mason).  H. P. was also a Spiritist and founder of the New Age movement.

It is interesting to note that Harry Potter’s initials are “H.P.” These are the same initials of H. P. Blavatsky (1831-1891).  She described herself, and had been described by her disciples, as being possessed by “somebody”.  Refer to: (M. K. Neff, “Helena P. Blavatsky’s Personal Memories”, pg. 244).

Blavatsky also stated that “Satan, the snake of the Genesis, is the real creator and benefactor, the father of the spiritual world”.  See:  (Helena P. Blavatsky, “The Secret Doctrine – Los Angeles: The Theosophical Company, 1925.  Third Volume, pg. 386).  Therefore, one must realize that true occultists cannot be trusted.

What are we to think of Rowling if these types of people who are real and dangerous are the heroes of her story?


Anagrams are words formed by rearranging the letters of another word.  Occultists love to use anagrams to hide the meanings of things.  For example, the anagram for the Mirror of Erised in the Potter books would be Mirror of (Desire).  Anagrams are also referred to in a book called “Unfogging the Future”.  This is a “divination” or fortune-telling book authored by “Cassandra Vablatsky.”

Vablatsky is an acronym for H. P. Blavatsky (mentioned above).  Refer to:  (Seek God, Harry Potter:  The Fruitless Deeds of Darkness, accessed October 24, 2014, http://www.seekgod.ca/hpsymbols.htm)

Harry’s Thunderbolt

Harry Potter is well-known for his thunderbolt scar on his forehead. As Harry grows older he eventually learns that the scar came as the result of a powerful evil curse from the evil dark wizard, Voldemort (Philosopher’s Stone, p. 45).

Anton Szandor Lavey, the founder of the Church of Satan, often wore a medallion of an inverted pentagram with a thunderbolt through the center of it.

Thunderbolts also appeared as the SS symbol of Hitler’s special forces, (bearing in mind that Hitler was into the occult), and in various Heavy Metal and Death Metal bands.  (Spotlight Ministries, Harry Potter and the Occult, 2003, accessed October 25, 2014, http://www.spotlightministries.org.uk)

In the Bible it says, “I saw Satan fall from heaven like lightning” (Luke 10:18).  The forehead is meant to be a place reserved for the name that God will put on those who love Him and serve Him (Revelation 22:4).  So to put any other mark on the forehead, especially a Satanic mark, is a mockery to God.

The Great Lie:  Deception and Counterfeit

Since the beginning of time, Satan has always tried to counterfeit the works of God.  It all began in the Garden of Eden.  Genesis 3:5 tells us that Satan (the serpent) deceived Eve when he told her that she would not die if she touched or ate of the fruit of the tree in the midst of the garden.

Satan claimed that God told her not to touch or eat of the tree  because God knew her eyes would be opened to be like gods knowing good and evil.  (If you’ll notice, Satan told Eve that she would be like gods (plural) not like the one and only true god (singular).

As a result, both Eve and her husband Adam disobeyed God,  listened to the snake, and ate of the fruit.  This put the curse of death on them.  In addition, Eve and every woman after her would have sorrow in conception and childbirth.  Adam and every man after him had to work by the sweat of their brows.  Likewise, thorns and weeds now grow in our crops and gardens.  Satan was also punished by being thrown out of heaven and having to crawl on his belly and lap up the dust of the ground.

It should be evident by this real example that Satan lies.  He will take something that seems innocent and make sin out of it.  This can be compared to a frog being placed into boiling water…the frog will be boiled to death before it even knows what happened.  It is this way with all of satan’s bait.

Take a look at sex, drugs, alcohol, and pornography.  Millions tells themselves it is all under control and the detrimental effects won’t happen to them, and yet it does.  There are plenty of crimes, overdoses, car wrecks, hospitals, and rehabilitation centers to attest to this fact.  All of this happens because Satan spends all of his time deceiving all who will listen to him.


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